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2in1 Facial and Hair Spa Cap


Item Type: Hair & Facial Steamer
Power: 350W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Water Tank Capacity: 300ml
Weight: 1540g
Machine 22*17.5*14.3cm/8.7*6.9*5.6in
Head Cover 28*18cm/11*7.1in
Nozzle 20*4cm/7.9*1.6in

Product Include

1*Main Machine
1*Head Cover
1*Connecting Part


1.A Quick SPA for Hair & Face.

Adopts PTC heating technology to instantly emit hot mist and maintain a stable temperature. You can enjoy a SPA and care for your hair/face skin without worrying about being scalded.

2.Excellent Cleaning Effect:

(1)On Hair: it can open hair follicles to remove oil deep in them, and regulate oil secretion;
(2) On Face: It can dredge pores to discharge stubborn dirt & oil, and improve the hydration effect.

3.Unparalleled Nourishing Effect:

(1)On Hair: its nano steam particles can easily penetrate hair cuticles and close them, making hair smooth; moreover, you can use it during a hot oil treatment to double the absorption efficiency of the nutrients of the oil;
(2)On Face: The particles can also penetrate pores and reach deep skin to replenish skin moisture; in addition, you can use it in makeup to speed up the absorption of facial mask and avoid cakey foundation.

4.Multiple Beauty Effects.

It also promotes blood circulation under scalp & skin to improve their status. Strengthening hair root, relieving eye fatigue, increasing skin elasticity...There's even more effects for you to discover.

5.Additional Disinfecting Effect.

Equipped with an independent ozone switch, which can emit ozone to sterilize your hair/face and heal inflammation, ensuing 100% safe skin care. It is extremely suitable for people with acne skin.



Head Cover

1.Align the connecting part with the head cover.
2.Load the part on the cover.
3.Connect them with the machine.


1.Align the nozzle with the installation port.
2.Connect the nozzle with the machine.
3.Rotate the nozzle to find the right angle.


1.Open the water tank cover and pull out its plug.
2.Fill with some water and close it.
3.Connect the machine with a power.
4.Press steam switch and enjoy a SPA for head/face.
5.Press ozone switch to increase steam volume and sterilize (not a must).


1. Please use only distilled/purified water.
2. When adding water, do not exceed the water line.
3. You can add essential oil to a piece of cotton, load it on the machine and enjoy an aromatic SPA.


1.As the product sprays hot water vapor, please use it carefully.
2.If you feel any discomfort on skin or body, stop using it immediately.
3.Unplug the power cord after using the product or when not using it, otherwise it may cause accidents or even personal injury.
4.Keep out of reach of children.
5.Use distilled or purified water. Do not add any substances (such as essential oil, milk, etc.). Unclean water can cause machine malfunctions and even skin burns.
6.The following people should not use:
(1)People (including children) who are physically impaired, have physical or mental disabilities, or lack relevant experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or instructed by the person responsible for their safety.
(2)Women who are pregnant or in their menstrual period (may cause skin problems due to hormonal imbalance).
(3)People with allergies, skin diseases, dermatitis or severe sunburn.
(4)People with skin damage, wetness, swelling, etc.
(5)People who have just undergone surgery and are recovering.

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